Who we are at Touch And Pay Technologies Limited (TAP).

We are a team of world-class entreprenuers, financial services technologist, Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile payments & services experts.

Touch and Pay Technologies Limited has set out to build a unique mobile payment and services platform capturing Offline and Online transactions in a seamless way.

With a unique and robost dashboard and reporting backend system, the platform allows a full visibility into transactions performed.

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We have clients in these sectors

  • Transportation

    We have provided NFC Travel cards fare payment and Parking cards in the transportation sectors all built on our seamleass technology.

  • Health

    We provide a hospital offline payment card that has the capability of storing patient record, used for transactions and a management portal. The same solution has been deployed to Health Management Organizations (HMO)

  • Education

    The technology has been deployed in educational institutions, solving the problem of identity management and transactions issuses.

  • Agency Services

    The Technology has been deployed for Goverment and Financial Institiutions to improve Revenue assurance ,agency services, financial inclusion and capture offline transactions from the financially excluded .

  • Identity Management

    The Solution has been deployed to organizations to solve the problem of identity management, meal tickects and other bespoke organizational issues. Reducing all manual paper based processes.

  • Event & Entertainments

    The solution has been deployed in this sector to improve financial transactions experience providing a seamless transactions solution in the fast moving environment bringing in simple innovations such as smart wristbands and stickers.

...the experience is everything.

Everyone belives "Payment" is a technological problem, but we believe otherwise, we believe it is a social problem and technology is just a tool in solving this problem.

...We provide a payment and transaction experience next to none.

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