Touch and Pay Technologies
  • NFC

    The solution is built on Near Field Commnuications (NFC) technology. The Tags (cards, wristbands and stickers) and NFC devices as readers are used as customer and merchant acceptance devices respectively.

  • Touch and Pay

    The Technology is built so simple and seamless such that all you need to conduct a transaction or perform an activity is to touch the Tag on a Reader and the transnaction or service is completed.

  • Accountability

    The documentation and tracking of all activities conducted in the system are all accounted for as this is an integral part of the system and with aid of roburst reporting and analytics tools the accountabilty of the data gathered is made possible.

  • Data Security

    This process includes data encryption, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data gathered during transctions or other activities across our applications and platform.

  • Offline Transaction

    Our technology works majorly offline to make the payment experience more seamless.

  • Ease of Use

    TouchandPay’s technology is portable, accessible and can be used by anyone.

Tap 2 Pay Technologies

Our simple NFC technology will help solve various problems within this sector from product aggregation to payment settlement thereby ensuring a seamless flow among the players, hence making the market more attractive and more efficient.

Fastest Seamless Payment in Nigeria

TouchandPay set out to build a mobile payment platform to capture unbanked transactions and do it in a seamless-offline way. TouchandPay offers a great way to track your budget and expenses. With myTouchandPay platform you can check all the transactions made with your card.

the experience is everything

Everyone thinks payment is a technological problem, but it isn't. It is a social one whereby technology is just a tool in solving this long payment problem.

The Card

TouchandPay Card is created to give the credit card feeling for those that love the cooperate lifestyle. It can also be used in offices and other formal organizations.

The PayBand

Forgetting your wallet at home wouldnt be an issue anymore with TouchandPay's payband, it's very comfortable you will hardly know it's on your wrist, with TouchandPay's chip embeded you can transact anywhere and anytime.

The Sticker

TouchandPay's Stickers was designed for does who neither carries a wallet nor like to wear a wristband, the stickers can be attached anywhere.